Changing Blog Post Template

Template Configuration

The template comprises a main section for blog content and a sticky sidebar for displaying offers, tags, and a list of recent posts.

To customize the Blog Post template, either click the "Edit Blog Template" button or navigate to the "Blog Post Setting" modules in the content sidebar. Please note that any modifications here affect ALL blog posts.


Post Hero

This section allows you to customize the hero section appearing at the top of blog posts. Adjustments can be made to its size, background, and text color. Options to hide the author and date are also available.

Post Heading

This section is where you can tailor the appearance of the blog post's heading, including its size and color. There's also an option to decide whether it should be displayed within the hero section.

Post Settings

You can adjust settings related to Tags and Author details, as well as customize Related Posts sections.


To modify the sidebar, click the "Edit Blog Sidebar" button or go to the "Blog Post Setting" modules in the content sidebar.

Here, the sidebar can be customized or disabled entirely.


Here you can customize or disable the sidebar.


Within this section, you can set up an offer to be displayed in the sidebar, such as a blog subscription or a lead magnet. It also allows for the creation of unique offers for individual posts.


This area enables you to showcase a list of tags associated with your blog.

Recent Post

Here, you can list the most recent blog posts, enhancing navigation and engagement with newer content.