HubSpot Marketplace Integration

Prior to beginning build with Sprocket Rocket Core, we recommend connecting to our Sprocket Rocket App and cloning the theme. This option offers the best experience and flexibility in customizing code and enhancing functionality. Cloning the theme allows you to make changes without affecting the original theme and ensures easier management of future updates.

Alternatively, you can create a child theme within HubSpot. However, cloning the theme using the Sprocket Rocket App is highly recommended for a seamless and efficient experience, and it also ensures that you receive future updates without any hassle.

By connecting to the Sprocket Rocket App, we will take care of the cloning process for you. In addition, expanded selection of modules and features.

Get Started

Already a Sprocket Rocket user? Simply log in, link a portal with a Core purchase, and we'll upgrade it automatically!

After successfully integrating, a new theme will be created in your HubSpot instance. Moving forward, all future updates will be handled within our App, and you are free to uninstall the theme from the HubSpot Marketplace.

Integration Benefits

  • Sprocket Rocket App: Accelerate your web design with easy one-click page creation, collaborative tools for your team, and custom theme previews. Stay updated with new modules and enhancements, save layouts for repeated use, and integrate your own modules for a customized experience.
  • Additional Modules*: Enhance your design potential with additional modules at your fingertips.

    See additional modules

    SR Elements Overview

    1. SR Element Accordion
    2. SR Element Blog Post
    3. SR Element Button
    4. SR Element Card
    5. SR Element Divider
    6. SR Element Features
    7. SR Element Form
    8. SR Element Heading
    9. SR Element Image
    10. SR Element Logos
    11. SR Element Rich Text
    12. SR Element Search
    13. SR Element Social
    14. SR Element Stat
    15. SR Element Tabs
    16. SR Element Testimonial
    17. SR Element Video

    * Additional modules available exclusively to users who have purchased Sprocket Rocket Core

  • Source Code Customization: Gain the freedom to directly alter your website's source code, eliminating the complexity of managing a child theme.
  • Seamless Updates and Support: Benefit from hassle-free module updates and prompt bug resolutions delivered through the app, complemented by our unwavering support commitment.

Optional: Uninstalling the original theme

To avoid any mix-ups due to the presence of duplicate themes, it's important to uninstall the original theme once your portal is integrated with the Sprocket Rocket App. You can find the necessary steps for uninstallation here.

Need Assistance?

Our customer support team is eager to assist you with the integration process or any queries you may have. Reach out for expert support and a hassle-free experience with Sprocket Rocket.