How do I remove the Sprocket Rocket icon on my pages?

If you see a blue Sprocket Rocket icon on your HubSpot page editor, there is no need to worry because it will not appear on your live pages, only in the editor interface.

This icon is present to provide easy access for users of our theme. By clicking on it, you can quickly connect or open the Sprocket Rocket App, access documentation, and connect with support if needed.

However, if you prefer not to have this icon in your page editor, you can disable it by following these detailed steps:

  1. Go to your Theme Settings.
  2. Within the Theme Settings section, look for the Misc options.
  3. Locate the Sprocket App Pop Up checkbox. Make sure this checkbox is unchecked, as checking it would enable the Sprocket Rocket icon.
  4. Save the changes you made to the Theme Settings.


Remember, this icon is specific to the page editor interface and will not be visible on your actual live pages. Its purpose is to provide convenient access to various features and resources related to our theme.