HubSpot Permissions

HubSpot Permissions

Before adding the Sprocket Rocket App to your HubSpot portal, it is important to ensure that users have the necessary permissions in HubSpot. These are the minimum permissions a HubSpot users need to install the app.

Click here for instructions on how to edit users permissions in HubSpot. You may need to asked your admin to update your permissions.






Each scope provides access to a set of HubSpot API endpoints and allows Sprocket Rocket App access to specific tools in their HubSpot account. These are the Scopes Sprocket Rocket App needs.

oauth  Basic scope required for OAuth.

content CMS APIs. This includes sites, landing pages, email, blog, and campaigns.

files  File Manager and file mapper (CMS templates, modules, and layout) endpoints.

hubdb (Optional) This includes access to HubDB.