Partner Agreement

We’re proud to have one of the simplest service agreements in the industry. But, at the same time, a few issues have come up over the years, and we’d like to address them here. 

Property Protection: All of Sprocket Rocket's code, modules, content, themes, pages, intellectual property, and any other website and marketing-related assets belong solely to Sprocket Rocket. You are purchasing access to use and resell licensed items in partnership with Sprocket Rocket. You agree not to claim or copy them as your own, use, sell, share, or distribute them outside of your partnership with Sprocket Rocket. 

Lead Safety: Since we'll have keys to your HubSpot portal, we promise not to collect your leads, use your leads, attempt to solicit your leads, or take any action with leads in your database. The API scope used to connect Sprocket Rocket to your HubSpot Portal doesn’t even allow us to read your contact database.

Client Safety: Your clients are yours alone. We agree not to solicit or attempt to solicit your clients to work with us or any other company. We consider your clients off-limits, and we will not collect their names or contact information for our use. 

No Poaching Team Members: You agree not to hire or attempt to recruit our team members, writers, or contractors to work directly for your company or another company. This is for the duration of the partnership and a period of 2 years following the conclusion of any engagement. We agree to do the same in regard to your team.

Weekends are sacred: Our team does not work Friday night through Saturday night. In addition, our team is mainly based in the Eastern Standard Time zone, so this means they may sign off relatively early on Friday, depending on your location and time zone.

Limited Liability: You agree that the engagement with Sprocket Rocket is with limited liability. Neither party shall be responsible to the other party for any financial or punitive damages related to code, modules, pages, themes, strategy, site build, marketing, hosting, growth-driven design, or any other service provided by Sprocket Rocket.