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What is a branding setup?

The branding set-up is a free service that Sprocket Rocket offers to SR Theme and SR PRO users.

Included with your purchase, we'll do a setup that will apply across the entire domain. So as you create new pages and assets, the predefined styles will apply automatically.

  1. To avail of this service, please proceed to the link here: https://www.sprocketrocket.co/branding-request

    This will notify us and allow us to enter the request into our system / schedule it for completion.
  2. An email from team@sprocketrocket.co will be sent to you to confirm your request, this email will also contain a request that access to your portal be granted to a few users from the Sprocket Rocket team.
    Please note that this access is required to proceed with the set-up.
    The access needed are described here: https://docs.sprocketrocket.co/sr-app-permissions

(all of the permissions in the docs need to be turned on in order to give us access to the application. Even though some may have been redundant, the application won't let us connect unless all of those settings are turned on. For a less hassle procedure, super admin access can be given, don’t worry this will be temporary access)