SR Mega Menu 01

This module features a combination of Logos, Menus, CTAs, and optional Top bar. Supports up to 3 levels of navigation. 

SR Mega Menu 01 is a Global module ideally used for creating navigational links to pages, content and other resources on your website.


Module Settings

Design Settings GROUP
    Layout choice

    Container Full Width

    Mega Menu Layout CHOICE

    Container Full Width

    Custom Font TOGGLE
    Font Style FONT
    Uppercase TOGGLE
    Nav Font Color Default COLOR
    Nav Font Color On Scroll COLOR
    Mega Menu Color COLOR
    Background COLOR
Logo Default IMAGE
Logo On Scroll IMAGE
Mobile Menu Logo IMAGE


CTA Type Choice

Hubspot CTA Button Modal


Primary Secondary Tertiary White Black Dark Light Success Info Warning Danger Outline Primary Outline Secondary Outline Tertiary Outline White Outline Black Outline Dark Outline Light Outline Success Outline Info Outline Warning Outline Danger Custom None

Button Text text
Link URL
CTA Size Choice

Small Default Large

Add Icon Toggle
Icon Position Choice
Left Right

Transparent TOGGLE
Enable Search TOGGLE
Enable Top Bar TOGGLE
    Top Bar GROUP
        Left Menu MENU
        Right Menu MENU
        Top Bar Text RICH TEXT
        Font Color COLOR
        Background Color COLOR
        Show Close Button TOGGLE

See it Live

Lean Labs Home Page- You can see the module used live
High Fidelity Home Page- You can see the module used live
Stage Ten Home Page- you can see the module used live