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Global Site Header and Footer

Follow the steps for both the Global Site Header and Global Site Footer

1. On your page editor, click on Global Site Header


2. A message (as shown below will prompt) Click on Open in global content editor


3. Drag and drop the Nav/Menu you wish to add as a Global Header (Please note that the module you set here will appear on the top of every page)



4. Click on Publish, then Publish and return to Page Editor



In the event that I do not want to use the same Nav/Global Header in a page, how do I turn it off and use another Nav/Menu?


1. On your page editor, click on Enable Global Site Header



2. Un-check the Value box


It may take a while to reflect the changes, you can click on: 

Cant see your updates? Click here


4. Once done, you need to go back to your page editor, and 

drag-and-drop the nav/menu you wish to add.