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Getting Started with SR Theme

You've purchased Sprocket Rocket Theme and it's installed in your portal... now what?

Before you start building your new website or campaign with Sprocket Rocket I strongly recommend you do the following:

1. Create a child theme. By creating a child theme you start building you set up a safe environment that can be edited/modified within your HubSpot portal. While still receiving any updates or bug fixes

2. Check out the Sprocket Rocket documentation. It will get you familiarized with Sprocket Rocket so you can set up your new pages with ease.

3. Email team@sprocketrocket.co for any support related questions. We're happy to help with any problems that arise or if you have any questions.

We’ve put a lot of work into making Sprocket Rocket a useful tool for building high converting web pages. We think it’s powerful now, but we want to collect some feedback from users to make it even better.