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FAQ on Blog Posts

1. How can I add a Nav and Footer to my blog posts?

Blog posts now carry the Global Site Header and Global Site Footer automatically on your posts. 

If you do not want to use the same nav and footer on these blog posts, please disable the Global Site Header/Footer and follow the steps found here:


2. Will my blog posts apply the theme styles I have set on my website/landing pages?

Yes, they should apply all styles set on your Theme Settings

3. How can I change the Date Formats, Social Sharing, and other General Settings on my blog?

  • On your Hubspot Dashboard, click on Settings (cog icon)
  • On the left-hand menu, look for Blog and Click on it
  • You can now see the different settings available to edit: General, Template, Subscriptions, Date Formats, Comments, Social Sharing, Google AMP


    4. How do I change the Featured Image on each post?

  • On your page editor, click on the Settings tab


  • Under Featured Image, upload or browse an image

    featured img 
  • If it doesn't reflect immediately, kindly refresh